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Forward Gmail Messages To Another Email Address Automatically

The Gmail Mail Forwarding feature is indeed a useful one. You can use different mail accounts for your private life, your work, or for other purposes. So, instead of logging into multiple accounts, you can forward the Gmail emails to one single account that you check regularly.

Why make your life complicated over a mail when you can fuss on other business-related issues? So, here is the guide to help you club all your mails into one, that too, automatically. It’s quite simple! The key is to buy PVA Gmail accounts.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started forwarding Gmail messages to another email address automatically.

How to Forward Certain Emails from Gmail

Forwarding Gmail messages to another email address can be easy if you follow certain steps. The email account you need to forward the emails to does not necessarily have to be an account in Gmail too. You can use the Auto Forward feature from Gmail to forward messages to Outlook, Yahoo, and other email clients.

Alternately, you can buy PVA Gmail accounts. Go through the steps mentioned in this section to be acquainted with the forwarding feature of Gmail.

Go to Gmail

Your first and foremost step to getting started with forwarding Gmail emails is to log in to your Gmail account.

Set Up Forwarding Address

Once you have logged into your Gmail account, you need to enter the email address you want the messages to be forwarded to. For this, go to Settings, select Forwarding and POP/IMAP, and add the forwarding email address.

Forward Setting

Verify Forwarding Address

Once you have entered the forwarding email address, you will be asked to verify the email address. For this purpose, an email will be sent to this email address with the verification link to verify the owner’s email address. You should click on this link before moving ahead with the process.

Set up an Email Filter

Once your email address has been verified, head to the Settings, select Forwarding and POP/IMAP and click on the link to set you an email filter. It pops up the filter menu, allowing you to create a filter and isolate emails you need to forward.

Check Forwarding Address Option to Forward Filtered Mail To

After you are completely satisfied with your filter, check “Forward it to.” Next, select the email address you want the emails to be forwarded to.

Forwarding address option

Click on Create Filter

By now, you are almost done with setting up Gmail to forward emails from your account to your preferred email account. However, you should know that old emails that have been in your inbox will not be forwarded to the new account automatically but manually.

Additionally, ensure that you test and monitor the filter before the emails are forwarded to the new email address. You don’t want to be missing an email for weeks!

Benefits of Email Forwarding

While people are looking for ways to auto-forward emails to another email account, some express uncertainty about doing so. Here are a few benefits of email forwarding that could change your mind.

Manage Emails in Another Email Tool

G-Suite is the one monitoring the forwarding features of Gmail. Many organizations use G-Suite, while others prefer using Outlook as their email tool. If that is the case, forwarding emails helps maintain their G-Suite account and forward emails to another email address connected to another tool.

Role-Based Email

You can also use email forwarding if you need a role-based email address. This way, you can establish a rapport with your customers with a one-stop email address. will run any issues, and anybody working in the organization to support your queries will be present to answer your queries.

Internal Email Lists

Some even use the email forwarding tool to send emails to multiple inboxes. That works perfectly while setting up internal email lists. For instance, you can add your entire Product Team to the alias company email address and email them without hassle or wasting time.

Additional Privacy

Sometimes the email forwarding tool is used to conceal the primary inbox address. It ensures your security by protecting your logins. If your primary email id is publicly visible, it will ease the intentions of those who want to steal your mail details.

That is why the email forwarding tool helps keep your personal mails less cluttered with the information shared with a few people.

Wrapping Up

Forwarding Gmail messages or emails to another email address is not a difficult task. Moreover, it adds to your daily issues of handling your mails. However, you now have all the steps that would help you to redirect your mails to the desired email account so that you do not miss any emails for reasons whatsoever.

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