Frequently Asked Questions :

Do we provide a warranty for our accounts?

We have 48 hrs – 5 days replacement warranty for any problem. After the replacement period, we will not be responsible for any loss or damage or closure of accounts for any reason. Also, you need to ensure that you’re not violating any of our account-related rules and regulations. Otherwise, we will not be able to support your replacement claim.

Is there any money-back guarantee?

Yes! You can get your money back if our provided accounts are not fresh or not working properly. We always aim to deliver satisfactory customer support, thus we apologize for any inconvenience from our end and offer money refund, free of chage replacement.

How do we deliver our products?

Generally our delivery period for a regular package 6 hrs -72 hrs (depend on order and availability accounts in stock). Delivery file format Excel sheet /CVS/notepad or as your desire format. Please contact us before if you have any custom delivery requirements.

What is the difference between PVA and Non PVA accounts?

PVA accounts are Phone verified Gmail accounts and Non PVA accounts are the simple accounts and not verified with the phone numbers or valid email account.

What to do if the accounts get banned or not working properly?

We have a replacement policy of 5 days for our delivered account. ( Not applicable for linkedIn) If you receive a faulty delivery from our end or face problem with accounts, we will check the issue and try to fix the problem or repair those accounts in that timeframe. Otherwise we will replace your accounts with the working one. 

Do we provide linkedIn replacement?

No. We do not provide any replacement or refund for linkedIn accounts after your successful account login. 

Can you order any amount of PVA account in bulk from the Accounts Provider?

Certainly. You can order minimum 10 to maximum any amount in bulk  for gmail, google voice account. Browse through our bulk packages and check what number of accounts are suitable to fulfill your requirement. After selecting, proceed with the buy now option. Pricing and Delivery time will increase for large volume orders.

Do you get discounts on Bulk Orders?

Yes, Indeed. For large volume of bulk orders we offer attractive discount, coupon to help you make a smart purchase! Keep an eye on our social media arena to know more about upcoming, instant discount offer!

How to place an Order on Accounts Provider?

Browse through our available packages of fresh, aged pva, non-pva accounts from service pages. Select your required package and send us your order details via our secure contact form. Fill out necessary information (Email, contact option, Payment method). We’ll receive your order instantly and get back to you with payment details. After payment confirmation, your order will be delivered to you within 12-48 hours depending on the order volume.For More information contact us here

How do we accept payment?

We accept payments from  PayPal, Master Card, Neteller, Skrill etc. & all other major payment platforms through our secure channel . To know more about bitcoin, blockchain & other payment options, contact us via inquiry.accsprovider@gmail.com before placing an order & we’ll be back to you with details. 

Can you get any USA area code when you buy fake linkedIn profile?

Yes, you can get it. In some cases we find customer demands of LinkedIn accounts with a phone number of certain area code. Though many of the sellers will assure you of meeting such kind of demands only the quality ones can actually provide you with these accounts. We have the manpower and they are skilled enough to meet any of your customizations and build quality LinkedIn accounts for you.

Can we recover your old gmail accounts?

Often you may open or use a Gmail account and accidentally you can lose the authority over the account. Forgetting a password can cause these instances and also years of not using the account can also make this happen. In certain cases like these, we come forward to help you and to get you back the account.

How do you buy phone verified gmail accounts?

Well, to have Gmail accounts that can support your business, you must ensure you buy verified Gmail accounts from professionals only. To buy verified google accounts you don’t need to face any hassle or any scam, we are one click away to sell Gmail accounts. Contact us today to get your required bulk, single or any amount of pva gmail account at a cheaper rate.

How do we handle our clients’ information? Do we disclose them?

No never. Our customers’ privacy is extremely important to us. Any affiliates or third parties will never get to know your information from us (unless you tell them).  We offer 100% discreet and secured services to enhance your personal, business brand credibility. 

Do we offer spammy accounts? 

Not really. All of our accounts are valid and have been registered following the proper method. They are suitable to strengthen your business’s online presence. But if you do use our delivered account for any spammy activities, that will be on your credit. We will not be held responsible if your accounts get banned nor do we offer replacement or repair for such reason.

How you can login to your new google voice number?

Login Format: Google Gmail

Login > Password >  Secret question answer > Recovery mail

Are our PVA accounts safe from getting banned?

Authentic PVA accounts do not usually get banned. We offer aged and registered account with full functionality. All you need to do is use them while not violating/ changing any core information.

Can you buy aged outlook accounts from us?

We offer aged outlook accounts suitable for advertising, signing in to Microsoft tools, and other Microsoft services. We have recently registered to aged outlook account in our stock. 

Can you buy old Yandex accounts?

We have 2007-2010 Accounts as well. You can get these old/aged accounts on cheap price.

Do we have  pop3/SMTP enabled email accounts?

Yes, we offer  pop3/ SMTP enabled email accounts which are different then regular gmail accounts. 

What info do you need to provide for a custom order?

To place a custom order you need to provide  all of your required username, gender, country, IP, phone numbers, etc. as per your requirement.