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Buy Yandex Accounts :

Yandex is a Russian-based web-mail service and this email service is gradually taking over the world with its magnificent features. This email service is the best option for Russian people but it offers nothing less to people around the world. Yandex can be your one-stop option for communicating and digital marketing. You can do branding through Yandex mail accounts. Yandex has some great deals to offer for business email accounts. Buy Yandex accounts to promote your business in the most effective ways.

Yandex offers free domain hosting thus can buy accounts and make a personalized protocol in your office. Buy from us with a simple click and you can enjoy the best quality Yandex mail accounts.

Why Should You buy verify Yandex accounts for digital Marketing ?

Digital marketing is a great deal for your business advertisement. Now everything is on the digital platform and everyone is using social media sites. Thus nothing can be more effective than to do branding on social platforms. Yandex email accounts ensure an easy digital marketing policy for you.

  • Through your Yandex email account, you can do the branding of your products. Email marketing becomes super easy via Yandex email accounts. You can directly send emails to your customers and let them know about your products. You can customize the mail content as per your need. Even you can invite your target customers to events and other functions.
  • Yandex. Com is a search engine thus Yandex mail accounts can eventually help you in SEO. Though Yandex SEO is quite slow in the process it is useful. You can do SEO by having an account in Yandex mail. You must Buy Accounts for SEO management.

Yandex email accounts are best for digital marketing. We provide sale Accounts at minimum rates.

Why Should You buy bulk Yandex email accounts ?

Yandex email is mostly used for digital marketing and SEO building. The more email accounts you will have, the more customers you can target. Email marketing is extremely easy with bulk Yandex accounts. You can send more mail from more accounts. Thus you must buy bulk for better reach to the maximum number of customers.

Yandex email is also used for communication purposes. To communicate with your team, you must need a reliable mail account. You can buy bulk Yandex accounts and distribute the accounts to your team member or office staff. It is wise to use same email accounts in a particular office.

Yandex Account Pricing :

We are the best provider, who provides the best price ever. We have a money-back guarantee, If the customer Not satisfy. Our all kind of accounts high quality. Generally our delivery period for a regular package 6 hrs -72 hrs (depend on order and availability accounts in stock). Delivery file format Excel sheet /CVS/notepad or as your desire format. We have 48 hrs replacement guarantee for any problem. After the replacement period -We will not be responsible for any loss or damage or close accounts for any reason.


$ 0
All Features are Available
  • Per Yandex Account
  • Created By USA IP​
  • IMAP/POP3 & SMTP Are Available​
  • Not Working Key Collector​
  • 48 Hrs Replacements​
  • Delivery Time 6-24 Hrs​


$ 5 All Features are Available
  • 10 Yandex Accounts​
  • Created By USA IP​
  • IMAP/POP3 & SMTP Are Available​
  • Not Working Key Collector​
  • 48 Hrs Replacements​
  • Delivery Time 24 Hrs​


$ 50 All Features are Available
  • 100 Yandex Accounts​
  • Created By USA IP​
  • IMAP/POP3 & SMTP Are Available​
  • Not Working Key Collector​
  • 48 Hrs Replacements​
  • Delivery Time 24-48 Hrs​

Why Do You Need To Buy Aged Yandex Accounts ?

You can often see offers such as aged Yandex accounts for sale and so on. Now you may be wondering about the importance of buying aged Yandex email accounts. Well, aged accounts can make you more reliable to your customers. When they see you using an email account that 5 or 10 years, trust occurs automatically. To gain confidence in your customers you can buy old Yandex accounts.

We provide Yandex accounts that are made in 2007 or 2008, you can buy aged accounts from us and get instant delivery on aged accounts.

Buy Yandex Accounts Instant Delivery: Get Yandex Accounts for sale :

We are the most trusted website to sell Yandex Accounts. We believe in quality over everything. We know how time matters for you. Thus we provide instant delivery on Yandex accounts. You can order now and make payments, the very moment you confirm the order, and we can send you bulk Yandex accounts. Our skilled team members let you buy Yandex accounts at PayPal and you can make payments via PayPal. We have a bulk number of readymade mail for sale thus you can get delivery any time.

Apart from the readymade accounts, you can also buy High-Quality accounts with customized features from us.

Reasons to buy Yandex email accounts :

There are several reasons to ensure Yandex mail buy. And the most prominent reason is to communicate and to promote your brands. There are certain features that worth Yandex mail buy online. Check out the facilities you get from Yandex email accounts.

Smart Typing Experience

Yandex gives you the best opportunity to type messages and to make templates. You can also use your composing messages as templates. This is a great deal for those who manage a busy business schedule. Moreover, Yandex has an inbuilt translator. Thus you can compose your text in your preferred language and then you can translate it to the required language. You can translate the received texts as well to your native language.

Large Attachments

Yandex mail and Yandex. The disk works just like Gmail and googles drive. Normally you can send up to 22MB in a single may via Yandex but you can also link the Yandex. Disk attachments and can send up to 2GB file.

Managing Your Mails

Yandex provides folders and labeling facilities so that you can manage your emails. You customize the folders and label them at your convenience. This feature keeps you organized and you don’t have to look for important mails in times of emergency.

Security and Spam filter

Unlike all other email services, Yandex scans all the emails that hit your inbox. When a mail detected as spam, it automatically goes to the spam filter. Sometimes, Yandex automatically blocks the sender. Though Yandex does not have 2-factor authentication it shows you the login history. Thus you can detect any unwanted log INS. And can log out of all sessions for better security.

Free Domain for better business

Yandex provides free domain to its users. Thus you can open bulk accounts using the same domain name. This way you can provide different Gmail accounts having the same domain to all your employees. It affects in the most positive manner to your brand. You can do branding via email marketing. When customers see you using the certain domain name, they tend to trust you more. The domain name makes you more reliable.


You must be puzzling about where I buy Yandex mail, here we are to provide you the best Yandex mail accounts within the affordable price limit.