How To Connect Two Gmail Accounts

Connect two gmail accounts

Facts say that the number of email account for a person is supposed to increase from 1.75 to 1.86 by 2022. A lot of us juggle through emails sent through Gmail to our multiple Gmail addresses. People are used to saving one email account for general work and other related prospects and private purposes.

But what if both your Gmail accounts are connected? It would save a lot of time lost in shuffling between accounts with multiple Gmail addresses. Most people prefer to buy bulk Gmail accounts. However, others don’t find it an appropriate solution for all.
You can simply do it by sending a request to your second Gmail account using Gmail Settings. Combining both your Gmail accounts will also avert the risk of missing important emails or messages going unanswered.

Here we discuss managing your inbox and using Gmail to create a shared inbox collaborating with team members on the same emails. You need not give full access to your Gmail accounts to do the same. So, let’s move on and discuss the ways to connect two Gmail accounts.

How to Connect Two Gmail Accounts?

If you are clueless about how to connect two Gmail accounts to manage your emails together in one inbox, then you are at the right place. Check out these steps to help yourself connect two Gmail accounts.

Send a Request to Your Second Account in the Gmail Settings

Navigate the Accounts menu in the Settings. Visit the All Settings section to do the same. Start with your primary Gmail account before moving on with the rest of the instructions. Then select the Accounts and Import tab.

Account and import

Enter your name and secondary email address in the space provided.

add another email

Confirm and verify the details you’ve entered. Next, you should navigate the secondary Gmail account and confirm the request sent to it from your primary account.

Accept the Request from Your Primary Account

To accept the sent request in your secondary Gmail account, you need to click on the face icon in the top right corner of the Gmail account page.
This way, you have switched between two Gmail accounts. Now, you should confirm the email sent to the inbox of your secondary Gmail account. Such emails appear right on top of your inbox mails by default.

Visit the inbox of your secondary Gmail account and open the email. Click on the confirmation link in the mail to verify the email link. But be mindful of any phishing links as well. As you click on the verification email link, you’ll be asked to confirm the request.

Clicking on the Confirm button, you’d have your secondary email address confirmed to merge with your primary account. As such, you’d be seeing the “Confirmation Success!” message on your screen.


Now that your connection has been a success, all your devices with these accounts will automatically get you logged in to the merged accounts, both on Android and iOS. Next, you need to testify it’s working.

Test That It Works

Now that all is done, it is time to check if it is working fine. Click on the Compose button to create a new email. Click on the From field to see if you are allowed to select any other email address besides your primary one.

send from

If you see a drop-down menu of multiple email addresses, you are going in the right direction. However, that is only the initial part of the process. You can now send emails to your alias.

But what about receiving emails on both your email addresses? Testing would require you to send an email to your secondary email address to see if it shows in your inbox.

test mail

Send a test email to your secondary email address. If it appears in your inbox, then it works beyond any reasonable doubt.
As the email shows up in your inbox, you have officially confirmed that you have two different Gmail account with a merged inbox for both of them. It required no extra sign-ins or extra effort.

Final Words

As a person with multiple email accounts, you may face issues managing your time to handle your email responses. After all, you have other business as well. Emails can take a large quantum of your daily hours. More so if you have multiple accounts.
Combining your emails saves a lot of time as you need to log into only one account to access your emails and messages simultaneously. You need not look for various passwords and keep track of only one.
Even if you have to send an email from another email address than your primary one, Gmail lets you choose the email address before sending. All in all, you can stay organized with a joint inbox with all your email addresses in one place.

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